Butisan® - Herbicide


Butisan®, a highly anticipated and effective new pre-emergent herbicide, has now been registered to control annual ryegrass, wild oats and wireweed in canola.

Butisan will bring the benefits of superior pre-emergent grass control to your canola production systems.

Butisan has a number of key features:

  • A new group K herbicide active suitable for use in Canola
  • For use in the control of annual ryegrass, wild oats and wireweed
  • Higher levels of weed control than propyzamide, trifluralin and atrazine, even in paddocks where resistance is not a major factor
  • Suitable for use in all canola production systems; Triazine Tolerant, Roundup Ready, Clearfield® and conventional varieties
  • Butisan is activated in low moisture conditions, and moves back into the furrow providing superior in-furrow weed control compared to commercial standards
  • Greater pre-emergent control reduces the number of panicle produced and weed seed set
  • Residual control period of 9-12 weeks depending on soil moisture and rainfall conditions, with the potential to reduce pressure on in-season sprays
  • Complemented well by over the top applications of atrazine, glyphosate, Intervix® and group A herbicides in well managed weed control program

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Learn more about why Butisan will completely advance the way you protect your crops.

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